Alexander Lopera, Tony Marrese & Ben Salavati make up the comedy based film making production group; Kill TV.

Ben and Alex first met at The University of the Arts London where they studied Film and Video, in 2007 Alex and Tony were introduced through a mutual friend. Tony was a professional DJ and had recently co presented a weekly talk show called Heavy TV for Channel 4. With Alex’s filmmaking background, love for comedy and Tony’s natural comedic gift, Kill TV was born and Ben drafted into the fold soon after.

The very first short that KT produced, Parkour you Know the Score, was picked up by Current TV for worldwide distribution. Gradually building a portfolio of short films they were soon commissioned to make 3 short comedy films for Channel 4 in 2010. Having created 25+ shorts in the interim years they set their sights on producing a sitcom pilot for television and in the post-production phase of this project they got another break when in 2013 KT produced an 8 part web series for Channel Flip the biggest online only video production company in Britain. This was part of a Google worldwide production push to create quality scripted “geek” orientated comedy content. Since then they have completed the pilot called Estate of Mind that was recently picked up by the new terrestrial channel London Live for broadcast with the intention of developing to series.

ben@killtv.co.uk, 07949247398

alex@killtv.co.uk, 07878784475

tony@killtv.co.uk, 07956506409